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    Programs of the trainings will be on the site in the nearest future.

    Direction ¹ 1“ Dance with the customer”

    This direction includes all the trainings and consulting works conducted on the amelioration of the company system of sales and the training of the techniques and the technologies of sales.


    • Dance with the buyer or the psychological aspects of the process of sales.
    • The sales process. Techniques and technologies.
    • Active sales.
    • Sales in shops and offices.
    • Sales top elite cosmetics, properties, tours, techniques, medical services,  advertisement e.g.
    • Work with objections
    • NLP techniques in sales.
    • Telephone marketing e.g.


    • Prescription of the corporative “Book of sales”
    • Creation of the ideology of sales.
    • The sales as an aspect of the corporative culture
    • Creation of the system of the sales

    Direction ¹2 “The vector in the future”

    It contains all the trainings, projects and the programs related to thesubject of effective determination and achievement of the goals.


    • Determination and achievement of the personal goals.
    • Mission or how to be happy.


    • Creation of the Mission, Vision, Strategy.
    • Strategic planning and strategic management.

    Direction ¹3 ‘THE ART OF CONVICTION”

    This direction includes everything connected to the theory and to the practical techniques and technologies of conviction and the influence as well as a protection against foreign influences.


    • Public presentation
    • Effective presentation
    • Instruments of the influence and the leadership
    • The conducting of the effective negotiations.


    • Settlement of the conflicts between the units.
    • Couching in the preparation for the demonstrations
    • The project which successfully goes for the third year already  can be considered the separate direction.


    The direction of the work depends on the Clients request and on revealed needs.

    It can be one of the three presented versions:

    • Learning training Training of skills
    • Developing training Seminar-training, directed towards the systemic understanding of the topic, systematization of the information and  new
    • Changing training
      The most often there are the headquarters sessions where
      the trainer plays the moderator role in elaboration of the decisions and 
      creation of a new ideas
    1. Each program tunes on the needs of the Client or Auditorium. Clear logic of exposure. Focus on the systemic understanding.
    2. Use of the author’s elaborations and NLP ideas as well as classical and proved techniques and technologies.

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