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     I came to know the company Mary Kay in 1995.  I am very thankful to this important meeting which gave to me so much. I don’t want to praise the company here because there is no need for it. The only fact that the company is existing and developing with stability in our unpredictable
    time of changes is worthy of respect.

    The company functions in 38 countries of the world. It has more that one million two hundred thousands beauty consultants. All thus facts are drawing attention to the company Mary Kay as a very successful business-project.

    I work as a trainer with the company structures from the year 2000. There were only Odessa and Nikolaev branches in the beginning. Now I work with the biggest Russian and Ukrainian national branches of the company. Each training or project brings to me a lot’s of energy and a new acquaintances. It is difficult to find more grateful audience that the women passionate for their business.

    The acquaintance with the company gave to me many ideas for my work as a consultant and a business trainer. I believe that many of the ideas which made the ground for the company with the multi-level marketing could be very useful in the traditional linear business. At least the subjects  of “the standardization of the work and the service”, “the system of motivation of personnel” and “the formation of the corporative culture”  are elaborated  thoroughly in Mary Kay company.

    I have plans in my near future to write some articles about the comparison of the multi-level marketing and the linear business and about the possibility to bring some of the ideas from one field to another one. At least the ideas of the  management consulting in the multi-level marketing gave already very interesting results. It was also an interesting experience to transfer the ideas of the multi-level marketing to the ground of the organization of dealers network.

    Below you can see the topics of the trainings for the Consultants and Leaders of the company Mary Kay I do:


    • Training “Effective sales techniques and technologies”
    • Training “Effective drawing in”
    • Training “Work with objections”
    • Training “Organization and achievement of the goals /”Forcing”/
    • Training “Building of the effective team”


    • Training-research “Leadership”
    • Training-research ”Creation of stable and highly effective business-group /team/”
    • Training-research “Growing of the Leaders of the down-line business units”. 
    • “Motivation and stimulation”
    • “How to become a charismatic leader”


    • “Money psychology”
    • “The art of self-control”

    The timing of the nearest trainings and their organizers you can see on the page “Timing” I will be very happy to see you.

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