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Elena Samsonova
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    I came to know about NLP Neuro-Linguistic programming in 1992 from the first translated book “From the frog to the prince”. I was surprised that many of my ideas I worked out hardly in my thesis on psychology were affirmed, easy and simply expounded, developed and validated in this book as well as in other editions about NLP. But this is about books.

    My life changed completely on 28 October 1995 when for the first time I did participate in the authentic NLP training and demonstrated the technique “SCORE on the time-line”. For one and a half year I worked on my-self with the NLP techniques and I changed a lot. My life also changed. I decided to become a professional in this field. That happened on May 1997. Right now I am NLP Trainer. I left behind my shoulders the dozens of NLP trainings I did with the best trainers and the creators of NLP and a hundreds of the trainings made on the NLP basis.

    I can say now that all I talk in my NLP trainings, all I teach, I did experienced on my-self.  I know how it works! I can make it work for you. But I am far away from to become fanatic. I came to know the power and the limits of the techniques and the technologies of NLP by learning the regularity of
    the development of business enterprises, by working on them with the methods of the management consulting.

    Now the NLP represents for me the perfect working instrument, one of the tools I am using. But I can admit that the presuppositions of NLP stayed my personal philosophy.

     I make the following certified trainings:

    • Certified training “NLP-Practitioner” 21 days
    • Certified training “NLP-Master” 21 days

     Trainings with the NLP ideas as a ground.

    • “Techniques NLP in sales”
    • “The instruments of influence and leadership”
    • “The work with objections”
    • “The use of the meta-programming profile in the recruiting and management” and some others.

    * All the programs of the trainings will be on the site soon.

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