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  Elena Samsonova

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Elena Samsonova

Education and probation

Management Consultant, business-trainer. Certified Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP. Master-Practitioner of NLP.


2009 ‘Without Budget. What To Do? The Way To Do. 60 Off-Budget and Small-Budget Instruments of Attracting and Retaining Clients” – an author course by Igor Mann (May 30, 2009)
2007 Course of Creative Thinking in Management” – a master-class by Edward de Bono in Kyiv (May 29, 2007)
2007 Way of Leaders. Keys of Personal Skill” – an International seminar-training by Peter Wrycza in Cyprus (April 10-17, 2007)
2005 Practice of Project Management” – Host: A. Savin, a certified specialist in Project Management (International Level D)
2005 Labelomania” – Host: Y. Prikhodko, Head of Marketing Department of MOTTO Brand Consulting Agency


“School for management consultants” by Academy of national economy under the Government of Russian duration (Moscow).Certificate of degree ĻĻ 669463


"New Code of NLP”, trainer: John Grinder and Carmen Bostic (USA). NLP Center in Education of Andrei Pligin (Moscow), Certificate ¹ 5858 from 21.03.04.


«Advanced Neuro-Semantic Modeling», trainer: L. Michael Hall (USA), NLP Center in Education of Andrei Pligin (Moscow), Certificate ¹ 3833 from 06.09.02.


«NLP Trainer Certification Training», International Training Team: Anne Kasman Entus (Canada), Frank Robert Pucelik, David Alan Gordon (USA), Andrei Pligin, Alexander Gerasimov (Russia), NLP Center in Education of Andrei Pligin (Moscow), Certificate ¹ 3036 from 06.23.01


«NLP Application in Business», trainer: Brian Van der Horst (France), NLP Center in Education of Andrei Pligin (Moscow), Certificate ¹ 2301 from 05.07.00


«NLP and Systematic Thinking in Business Consulting», «NLP in the XXI Century», trainer: Robert Dilts (USA), NLP Center in Education of Andrei Pligin (Moscow), Certificate ¹ 1363 from 03.01.99 and Institute of group and family psychotherapy (Moscow), Certificate ¹ 99-071 from 03.03.99.


«Stages of Business Consulting of Firms», training-research conducted by a professional business-consultant Peter Lee (USA) in Social-Psychological Center "Business-Service" (through CDC)


«NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training», trainers: Nina Golosova and Andrei Vinogradov (Russia), Institute of group and family psychotherapy (Moscow), Certificate ¹ 98-911 from 11.01.98.


«Formation of image of institutions of local governing and funds in Ukraine», Center of social and psychological aid "GESTALT", (Kiev), Certificate from 06.14.98


NLP Trainer Training («System Trainer Training»), trainers: Peter Wrycza (Great Britain) and Jan Ardui (Belgium). "Altex-Reengineering", Nizhni Novgorod (Russia), Certificate ¹160 from 10.23.97


«Linguistic Patterns of NLP», trainer: Konstantin Kovalyonok (Russia);


«Bill Gates' Strategies of Success», trainer: Viktor Savitskiy (Russia);


«Well-being in Uncertainty», trainer: Anne Entus (Canada);


«NLP-Practitioner Certification Course», trainers: Konstantin Kovalyonok, Igor Varnakov, Mark Palchik (Russia); Certificate ¹ 471 1997.


Groups of intensive therapeutic life, trainer: Igor Varnakov (Russia);


Vivation and «Money» Seminar, trainer: Patricia Terreno (Italy);


«Art of Offer and Sales», «Core Programming», «Deep Changes», «Strategies of Creation and Genius», trainer: Konstantin Kovalyonok (Russia);


Ericksonian Hypnosis trainings («Initial Skills of Ericksonian Hypnosis», «Russian-language model of Ericksonian Hypnosis»), trainer: Sergey Gorin (Russia);


Psychologist-practitioner courses under Psychology Department of Odessa State University; Certificate ¹ 97 from 12.08.90

Basic Education

Faculty of mathematics by Odessa’s University (Ukraine, Odessa, finished in 1983).
Specialty - “Applied mathematics”.
3 years after - Post-graduate study “Chair of mathematical physics”.
6 years after - Teacher on the staff of “Academy of cold” in Odessa

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