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  Elena Samsonova

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Elena Samsonova

About me


Management Consultant, business-trainer from 1997. Executive partner
of the Consulting Center “Business-Service”. Certified Trainer in Neuro-         
Linguistic Programming /NLP/. Master-Practitioner of NLP. Experience of work in NLP since 1995. The author of edition and more than 30 articles.

 To say more unofficially…
I am from Odessa!... And it says a lot already, I believe.

“There is something in this nervous soil..! There is something in this   
town, in those people, that makes us a little special..”
, - said our great compatriot Michail Jvanezkij.

What to say more about myself? Maybe something about “the concurrent advantages” and  “the unique capacities” … You can find some below…

  1. 1. I am management consultant, business trainer, trainer NLP, business  lady and all in one person. It gives to me a chance to work deeply with the problems and the goals of my clients by using the instruments from different fields of knowledge and my experience I got by working with different clients.
  2. Huge amount of my theoretical knowledge and  many years of the   practice permitted to create my own author’s elaborations which can give to my clients the concurrent advantages on the market.
  3. The large spectrum of different ways of presentation of the trainings training of skills, instructive seminar-training, formatting headquarter 
    sessions e.g.  give to my clients the possibility to find the optimal structure of their education.
  4. After the preliminary researches every  training is focused on the needs  and the specification of the client. It guarantees the maximum use of the material specialized for the employees of the specific enterprise.  If there is a need I can work out the unique training and consulting product under the requests of the client-enterprise.
  5. In my consulting and trainer activities I work with the enterprise top-      managers as well as with the ordinary employees. It gives the possibility to make the  systematic approach to the problems of the training.  
  6. I can work with
    • auditorium of 250-300 people as a seminar
    • group below 30 people as a training
    • one person as a couching
    • company as management consultant
  7. As a person with the basic mathematic university education I’m drown towards clear, logical and short-spoken style. “Everything finds it’s
    place” after a series of my trainings.
  8. Born in Odessa, I like to make a creative and alive atmosphere and to put funny stories, jokes and anecdotes in my trainings. I believe that to learn easy makes it more effective.
  9. As an experienced trainer and  consultant I am more close to the  Illustrations of the theoretical material by the stories from my practice 
    with clients.
  10. I don’t like the dogmatism in my work. I respect the Personalities, the Intentions and the Beliefs of my clients.
  11. The NLP techniques I use as a resource and not as a unique method. I respect NLP a lot, but not as a fanatic, because there are a lot of useful,
    interesting and practical techniques and technologies around.
  12. I learn continuously.
I can write some more about titles, experiences, ideas, hobbies…I still did not decided yet if there is need for it…But I can say some more…deep in my heart I am a little bit extreme. I love to travel to the exotic countries. I did windsurfing. I can be venture. I like to swagger…Very serious!...

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